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Sports Limousine

Sports Limousine

The Sports Limousine from Van Diemen Luxury Craft is a superyacht tender designed to give maximum volume, versatility and comfort designed to your specific performance criteria.  This system allows the vessel to be towed with ease as the stability of the vessel is improved and the windage reduced. This design can be made in a range of sizes and styles, starting at 5.5m length. 

Our detailed design process provides initial conceptual models, which translate accurately to the finished product (Gallery Images 1-3).

As the name suggests, this tender gives you the flexibility to be used for multiple situations; guest entertainment and transportation, pleasure cruising, fishing, diving or accommodating a given size restriction in a tender garage. A key attribute of the boat is its roof and window system featuring a sliding glass windscreen and separate lifting roof. This combination gives three main forms all at the press of a button. The combinations include:

Sports Position

  • The roof is lifted fully overhead where it provides sun protection - ideal for sports pursuits and fair weather cruising.
  • The glass can be lifted fully or partially to further protect passengers from the elements. (Gallery Image 1)

Limousine Position

  • With the windows raised, the roof is lowered to form a sealed comfortable forward cabin.
  • Creates a limousine style of vessel with comfortable forward seating for eight guests in a semi-enclosed cabin (Gallery Image 2)

Stowed Position

  • All components are lowered to the height of the gunwale; obtaining the minimal stowable volume
  • Ideal for transiting at speed whilst ensuring the interior is dry and allowing for clear visibility
  • In cases where the tender is too large to stow on board, the vessel is towed with ease, the stability of the vessel is improved and the windage reduced. (Gallery Image 3)

Other key features of the tender include:

  • Swim Platform and Rear Boarding - The vessel’s transom door opens flush with the aft deck for ease of boarding. This feature maximises the aft deck area for swimming and entertainment purposes.
  • Gyroscopic stabilisation - provides improved stability and even greater levels of comfort, by limiting the lateral roll of the vessel.
  • Electric bow and stern thrusters and interceptor trim tabs - Enhances maneuverability and allows manual and automated adjustment of ride. 

The versatile design of the Sports Limousine makes leisurely entertainment or tendering to your favourite location a truly pleasurable experience.

The Sports Limousine is ideal as either a tender or a dayboat. Concept models of our Sports Limousine 7.5m dayboat are shown in the gallery, and include a variety of options for your custom design. For example the concept shown includes a toilet and shower, a dinette that converts to a double berth, and a sliding glass door that creates a fully enclosed cabin in the limousine position.



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