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Custom Design

Van Diemen want you to experience the pleasure of driving a boat that not only looks and performs to the highest standard, but meets your individual needs and requirements. Our experienced designers and builders with their extensive product knowledge will work with you to achieve a boat that suits your personal needs. 

Our patented roof and window system can be applied to various designs and styles, giving you complete customisation and versatility in the design of your vessel.

We enjoy opportunities to provide new and unique solutions to your particular requirements or situation.



Van Diemen believes that electric boats will play an important role in the future of boating. We have developed a design for a solely electric tender or day boat which incorporates our patented roof system, providing a highly adaptable vessel.

Electric propulsion offers quiet and environmentally sensitive cruising, ideal for coastal and inland waterways. This allows for comfortable conversation and the ability to approach natural environments without disturbing local wildlife.



This vessel has its own unique shape which is inspired by the lines of early Porsche sports cars. It is a custom Van Diemen concept which stands alone in a crowd. The unique lines provides a prestigious look when comfortably cruising the waterways. This design can be adapted to suit any size vessel from 6-15m with larger versions being able to accommodate a v-berth and toilet.




The hullform of this Van Diemen RIB maintains the stability and performance characteristics of a standard RIB whilst the inflatable tubes are replaced by a closed cell foam collar upholstered in rugged Hypalon TM. This construction gives the same fendering properties and allows a greater internal volume of the boat than a conventional RIB, and it is impossible to deflate.



This vessel was designed with the offshore adventurer in mind.  This is a luxury sports-fishing boat for the fishing enthusiast. With considered attention towards stability , space and a dry ride, this vessel will take you everywhere. Its features include a deep-V hull, a wide reverse chine providing significant stability, and a bow sprit incorporating a large flare which provides protection from spray. A retracting cabin maximises volume within storage restrictions and dramatically reduces windage while towing. When an inboard engine is used to power the vessel, a buoyant transom door folds down to extend deck space by close to a meter. This vessel can be designed to a variety of sizes between 6 and 10m, and can include various amenities, such as a V-berth and toilet as required. The Fearless is indeed the superior adventure vessel for your offshore boating pursuits.