Specialists in marine design and manufacturing custom superyacht tenders.

At Van Diemen Luxury Craft we believe your luxury tender can 'have it all'

Your tenders are built with the latest in design and technology that are both versatile and aesthetically pleasing to complement your superyacht.

At VDLC we provide sound engineering with practical cutting edge custom design that provides versatile, comfortable and functional performing vessels.

We enjoy opportunities to provide new and unique solutions to your particular requirements or situation.


Sports Limousine

Sports limousine

This sports limousine is the ultimate convertible superyacht tender designed to give maximum volume, versatility and comfort within the size limitations of a tender bay. For those without a superyacht this patented system allows you to garage a large versatile trailer boat at your home.


Custom Design

Do you have special requirements or features you would like for your luxury vessel? Talk to our specialist designers to see how VDLC can meet your needs.